Better Health: 2012

Issue 24: Keep your heart

The heart is often called the body’s hardest working organ. It’s also the target of many serious threats, from heart muscle disorders and coronary heart disease to congenital heart defects and cardiac arrhythmia.

In this issue, we’re devoting special attention to understanding the most common heart problems, their risk factors and symptoms, and recent advances in treating heart problems. We also report on how you can boost your prevention efforts to avoid future heart problems.

Issue 25: Aging

W e l c o m e

Welcome to Better Health, the magazine for patients and friends of Bumrungrad International Hospital.    

The world’s population is getting older. Thailand’s seniors now account for over ten percent of the Thai population; by 2027, that figure is likely to reach 20 percent.     

This issue of Better Health focuses special attention on the important health issues affecting senior adults.

Issue 26: Digestive

Digestive health problems are a common source of complaints when it comes to routine health and everyday well-being. While most episodes resolve themselves in a matter of days, some cases develop into major health threats that are largely preventable and usually treatable when detected earlier.