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Welcome to Better Health, the magazine for patients and friends of Bumrungrad International.

In this issue, we’re devoting special attention to bone and joint health. While aging plays a key role in many painful bone and joint problems, more and more younger adults are suffering a range of bone and joint ailments — often caused by unhealthy habits — that can prove harmful to quality of life.   

While an episode of back or neck pain can certainly make life unpleasant for a few days, patients with chronic conditions experience continuous pain that can prove difficult to treat. Fortunately, as we highlight in the feature beginning on page 4, a number of recent advances have led to new and better treatments for patients with painful chronic bone and joint conditions.   

Like other health problems, many bone and joint disorders are preventable — often by fixing a bad habit or living a healthier lifestyle. Our feature beginning on page 8 reveals four important steps that can lower one’s risk of serious bone and joint problems. On page 10 we examine how exercise and sports enthusiasts can maintain an active, healthy lifestyle while preventing bone and joint injuries. And our feature on page 14 highlights the everyday bad habits like poor posture that cause a huge number of painful bone and joint problems.   

Finally, page 18 carries our new feature, M.D. Focus, which introduces some of the doctors who’ve recently joined Bumrungrad’s medical staff and gives them an opportunity to update readers on recent developments and interesting issues from their areas of expertise.   

As always, we welcome your feedback, ideas and comments about Better Health. Please feel free to e-mail us at betterhealth@bumrungrad.com. We look forward to hearing from you, and here’s wishing you better health.    

Dr. Chamaree Chuapetcharasopon
Medical Director & Contributing Editor


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