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Highlights from This Issue

Get Ready for Healthier Golden Years

Menopause may be inevitable, but it doesn’t have to bring years of unhappiness and poor health. Here’s what every woman should know to get ready for a more graceful and healthy menopause.

Andropause: Understanding and Treating Men’s Mid-life Health Problems

For men over 40, getting older doesn’t have to mean living with declining health. Thanks to extensive research and new treatment advances, male andropause can be diagnosed and treated successfully.

Joint Revolution: Technology and Innovation Deliver New Treatments for Painful Bones

Joint replacement and other recent advances are restoring quality of life to millions who suffer from painful bone conditions.

Image-Guided Navigation System Points the Way to Hi-Tech Surgery Success

Advanced computer navigation technology is helping surgeons perform successful joint replacement and other procedures with greater accuracy and success.

Be Prepared for Cervical Cancer Prevention

Though it’s a life-threatening illness, cervical cancer is highly preventable. Following is what all women need to know to protect themselves and their daughters.

Q & A: Erectile Dysfunction

Q: What are the most common myths and misconceptions about ED?

Exposing the Myths about Oral Contraceptives

Nearly 50 years after it was first introduced, the contraceptive pill is still the subject of widespread myths and misconceptions. Following is a look at the truth behind some of the most common and enduring myths.

New T.V. Show adds Fun to Keep Viewers in Better Health

Ta Lui Rong Mor the new weekly program sponsored by Bumrungrad International, takes a lighthearted and fun approach to the serious goal of preventing illness and living healthier.

A Protective Approach to Prostate Health

The prostate is the walnut-size reproductive gland located below a man’s bladder that plays an important role in sexual health and reproduction. During ejaculation, the prostate gland produces whitish seminal fluid that protects sperm produced by the testicles. Unlike other organs and glands, the prostate doesn’t stop growing in early adulthood.

HDR Brachytherapy - An Effective Alternative for Treating Prostate Cancer

Learn more about this revolutionary way of utilizing radioactive materials to combat localized cancer.

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