Against All Odds

Against All Odds

This special program, called “Rak Jai Thai,” is one of Bumrungrad’s many social contribution programs to help children suffering from heart defects and congenital heart disease. We hope this video will inform the public about these conditions, and if someone observed the symptoms of this disease in a child, they can help recommend them to the foundation. 

“Rak Jai Thai,” a program dedicated to helping children suffering with congenital heart disease. 


The Rak Jai Thai program operates under the Bumrungrad Hospital Foundation, along with the Cardiac Children Foundation under the patronage of Her Majesty, Princess Kalayaniwattana Krom Luang Narathiwat. 
Every year, around 8,000 Thai children suffer from congenital heart disease, with nearly half requiring surgery to prevent prolonged illness or premature death. 
Although there are many chances for treatment under the government insurance, many restrictions apply to this coverage, including the number of surgeries that can be performed every year. This leaves many children in need of immediate treatment, with the numbers rising every year. 
IMGTo help alleviate this ongoing problem, Bumrungrad Hospital and the Bumrungrad Hospital Foundation initiated the “Rak Jai Thai” program, hoping to help these children. Since 2003, the program has made 735 treatments possible.
The hospital takes care of the entire cost of treatment, including initial diagnosis, surgery, recovery, travel costs, as well as food and accommodation for the parents or guardians. 

Joining together is a huge part of helping each other. 

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To help increase the chances of helping children with congenital heart disease. 

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To help parents or guardians be more aware of children who may be suffering from this disease, and to contact the Cardiac Children Foundation for assistance. (Only Thai nationals are eligible to apply.)

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Please help these foundations continue to do their work by donating what you can.

You can donate to the “Rak Jai Thai” program by check, payable to “Bumrungrad Hospital Foundation,” or by bank transfer to Bangkok Bank account number 197-0-111157 Nana Nua Branch. If making a bank transfer, please provide the confirmation number by calling 0 2667 203. For more questions, please contact us at 0 2667 1398

The Bumrungrad Hospital Foundation is a charitable foundation under the Ministry of Finance, No. 524. Income tax and VAT No. 227, Taxpayer Identification No. 4030002447, permit 119/2533.