Group Medical Director
  A world renowned Medical Center must have strength in patient care, teaching and research. We have achieved this status in patient care, but fall way behind in teaching and research. There are both external and internal factors that delay the development of teaching and research at our medical center. Nevertheless, there are some activities in both areas at Bumrungrad International Hospital now. By overcoming external factor and more efforts from internal factor will strengthen the teaching and research at BH. Once we get to that point, we can sustain our excellence. Let us continue to work to be a real world renowned Medical Center.

Sinn Anuras, MD, FACP, FACG
Professor, Group Medical Director
Bumrungrad International Hospital








  Medical Director
  When Drs. William and Charles Mayo were trying to develop the Mayo Clinic into a worldclass institution in the early 1900’s, they had the foresight to define their organization as one with a tripartite mission--medical services, medical research, and education. This is reflected in the Mayo Clinic logo by three shields, the central and larger shield representing patient care, and the integrally linked and complementary shields of research and education. They believed they were better doctors because they had the opportunity to teach, observe, and be taught by others. They were also able to engage with colleagues around the world through their research publications. As time has proven, their vision has led to a very successful organization. At Bumrungrad International Hospital, Prof. Sinn Anuras, MD our Group Medical Director, shares the same vision. As you can see in the following pages, we aim to enhance and sustain our world-renowned quality of patient care with a range of academic, educational, and research activities. We hope to continue to grow our medical education and research ‘shields’, to strengthen our goal of delivering ‘World Class Medicine’ to all of our patients.
  Dr. Num Tanthuwanit

Medical Director