The Medical Education Center (MEC) of Bumrungrad International (BI) Hospital was established due to the vision of Prof. Sinn Anuras, MD, who anticipated and recognized the importance of continuing medical education (CME) for medical and dental staff working in the Hospital. CME activities increase effectiveness, knowledge, and capacity to stay abreast of advances in medical science and new healthcare technologies. These technologies have continually developed to provide patients with maximal healthcare benefits of an international standard, with the expertise of our specialized medical and dental staff. Our ultimate goal is to become a truly academic medical center, with education and training at all levels in conjunction with world-class research. The MEC was established in 2001 with Prof. Jitra Anuras, MD, as its first Director. Prof. Jitra clearly displayed strong determination and dedication to enhance knowledge development among medical and dental staff over the ensuing 9 years. In 2010, the MEC Directorship was handed over to Air Marshall Visith Dusitnanond, MD, who has held that post until now. The Hospital is one the first two private hospitals selected by the Medical Council of Thailand as an accredited CME center.