Dr. Pattama Rimmakunsub

Specialty: Medicine - Medicine, Internal Medicine
Language Spoken: Spoken: English, Thai
Medical School:
- M.D., Faculty of Medicine, Chiang Mai University, Thailand, 1999
Board Certifications:
- Diploma of The Thai Board of Internal Medicine, 2006
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Day Time Location
Mon207:00 - 13:0007:0013:00NS 15C (Medical)
Mon214:00 - 19:0014:0019:00NS 15C (Medical)
Tue307:00 - 13:0007:0013:00NS 15C (Medical)
Tue314:00 - 19:0014:0019:00NS 15C (Medical)
Wed407:00 - 13:0007:0013:00NS 15C (Medical)
Wed414:00 - 19:0014:0019:00NS 15C (Medical)
Sat709:00 - 20:0009:0020:00NS 15D (Medical)