Dr. Boonkrirk Si-urai, D.D.S

Specialty: Dental, Pediatric Dentistry
Language Spoken: Spoken: English, Thai
Dental School:
- D.D.S., Faculty of Dentistry, Chulalongkorn University, Thailand, 1993
- Master of Science in Pediatric Dentistry, University of London, England, 1996-1997
Special Clinical Interests:
- Dentistry for Children
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Day Time Location
Sat717:00 - 21:0017:0021:00Dental Center (BIH 3rd Floor)
Sun109:00 - 12:0009:0012:00Dental Center (BIH 3rd Floor)
Sun113:00 - 20:0013:0020:00Dental Center (BIH 3rd Floor)