The MEC is responsible for continuing medical education; it encourages all medical and dental staff in BI to participate in the many activities provided, as follows:
1. General mandatory programs run by BI and MEC, which are divided into two categories.
  1.1 General knowledge review, focusing on patient safety
  1.2 Life-support training, to refresh knowledge and maintain the skills of related
    medical and dental staff
2. Annual meetings for medical and dental staff and related personnel interested to attend. The meetings are held both within BI and outside the hospital
3. Conference as a group activity. This includes research presentations highlighting research progress or research outcomes, and involves the exchange of knowledge, experiences, and ideas for each topic presented
4. Continuing medical education (CME). Conferences are held to promote and update medical and dental knowledge. CME conferences are held on every first, second, fourth, and fifth Wednesday, and conferences are rotated between different departments to maximize participation
5. Interesting case conference, as a group CME activity. The conference includes patients’ present and past histories, physical examinations, clinical courses of disease, and treatment plans. All participating specialists provide their comments and expert opinions on the case presented. The aim is to enhance knowledge and share treatment experiences related to each selected case. The conference is held on the third Wednesday of each month.
6. Special lecture conferences to develop the knowledge of medical and dental staff are held with opinions shared from experts in various fields. The lectures are supported by research and development organizations, sponsored by pharmaceutical companies.
7. Departmental meetings, coordinated by the Medical Affairs Department, are held jointly between medical and dental staff in various fields to improve performance and workflow.
8. Grand rounds include medical staff and related medical personnel directly involved in patient care. The purpose is to enhance their knowledge and experience of holistic patient care.
9. In-house medical training facilities are opened to residents and fellows for the certification of expertise in different specialties and sub-specialties; this supports our aim to become a truly academic medical center with teaching and training at all levels in conjunction with world-class research.
10. Medical library management for medical, dental, and various departments or divisions related to medical care.
11. Preparation of the monthly booklet “BI Medical Newsletter”, which is a summary of the original version of the “New England Journal of Medicine” (NEJM), with material extracted by BI medical staff for the sharing of updated knowledge, information, and events among all BI medical staff.
The above services are provided mainly for medical and dental staff, fellows, and residents undergoing training at BI. Some of the above services, however, are rendered to medical students, high-school students, medical personnel, and the related disciplines upon request. In addition, the MEC, in collaboration with the Nursing Division, develops Clinical Integrated Care as a tool to aid comprehensive patient care and effective interdisciplinary communication.