Since 2005, the concrete foundations and infrastructure have been put in place to enable BI to fulfill its objectives in human research and as a learning institute. An appropriate supportive and energizing environment has been created, where positive trends indicate movement in the desired direction, with increases in the desired outputs being successfully generated. In our entrepreneurial environment, where research may not always be regarded as the highest priority, our achievements to date and the longer-term outlook are very pleasing.
To maintain our competitiveness in clinical trials for investigational pharmaceutical products, we should clarify and resolve our current IRB accreditation issues. Although this issue was almost resolved in 2009, after extensive and detailed work, and with the support of the Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers Association (PReMA) and several partners, unclear and/or indecisive policies resulted in an indefinite resolution. Currently, the outcomes of the 11th Thailand Towards Excellence in Clinical Trials (ThaiTECT), hosted by us in October 2011, close and continuing collaboration with the Ministry of Public Health in drafting the Human Research Act BE 255X, and the establishment of the National Ethics Committee Accreditation System in Thailand (NECAST) by the National Research Council (NRC), should result in improved outcomes in the near future.