The Bumrungrad International Clinical Research Center (BICRC) is a clinical research facility located on the grounds of Bumrungrad International (BI) Hospital. The main goal of BICRC is to provide high quality, facility-based research of international standard, especially for patient-oriented research, which translates scientific knowledge into better understanding, prevention, treatment, and management of human diseases. The scope of the BICRC’s research covers not only pharmaceutical clinical trials as treatment options for our patients, but also in-house biomedical and social-science research, conducted by Hospital physicians and staff. Some research is conducted in collaboration with non-hospital staff, whose studies involve data collection in the Hospital.


The BICRC is part of Bumrungrad Hospital Public Company Limited, and was established by Prof. Sinn Anuras, MD, in 2000. The main aim of the BICRC is to support clinical research in Thailand, with adherence to the International Conference on Harmonisation of Technical Requirements for Registration of Pharmaceuticals for Human Use, Good Clinical Practice (ICH/GCP), the World Health Organization (WHO) international guidelines, local laws, and regulations. Funding for the BICRC comes from the private sector, the Bumrungrad Hospital Foundation, departmental funds, from donations, and from Bumrungrad International.